Hello! My name is Julie Crawford, and I'm a traveling photographer and published author based in the Great Smoky Mountains. I live an intentionally crafted life fueled by lyrics verses, Mother Nature's churches, and authentic connection. Specializing in adventure elopement photography with Magnolia + Ember create a fulfilling space for some of my most inspiring passions.

Photographer. Storyteller. Traveler.

"She doesn’t just travel for the beautiful places, she travels as a form of meditation. A way to reconnect with her heart and soul. It’s as much an internal process as it is an external one."

- Ruth Krug

I work with couples to design a wedding day that is meaningful and fulfilling. Whether you want a "just us" experience or your dearest family & friends to join for an intimate ceremony, I can provide assistance throughout the planning process as your dream vision is brought to life. Once a date is secured, I will send a questionnaire to give a basis of where to start. I am well versed in adventure and can offer personal knowledge to help you plan the elopement with activity ideas and recommendations for the destination of your choice, applying for any permits that may be needed, timeline for the experience, and education about Leave No Trace ethics to ensure we are enjoying the outdoors responsibly.

Authentic. Exciting. Intentional. Fun. Unforgettable.

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How This Works

Sneak peeks in one week and full gallery delivered in six weeks


the big day!


plan your experience: brainstorm ideas, LOCATIONs, and activites


sign contract and Pay Retainer


Inquire about your adventure Wedding


frequently asked questions

A retainer fee of $1500 ($2500 for a multi-day elopement) secures your date and is applied to the full package price. The remaining balance is due 60 days prior to the elopement date.

Yes. I offer full day elopement packages that include my travel fees for any place in the world accessible by standard commercial airlines and a 2WD car (you are responsible for an additional charges for private flights, activities, or special vehicles to navigate your experience). I have traveled throughout all 50 states in the USA and now booking abroad. Get in touch to see if I can make your location a reality!

I've been to a lot of places, in fact, all 50 states in the USA and 38 (and counting!) National Parks. And, I’m really great at exploring new territories via Google Maps, extensive research, and online scouting to find all the best views, trails, and hidden gems. When I arrive at a new destination, I will scout the location and trails in person to ensure you have the best experience possible.

You will receive a handful of sneak peeks within one week of your elopement to enjoy while I work through the editing process. You will receive your full gallery 6 weeks after your elopement. Engagement sessions and couples portraits take 3 weeks.

You will receive printing rights for your personal use that extends to your family and friends so they can print their favorites too. You are allowed to print at any location of your choice. I retain legal copyrights to the images as the author and creator per USC Title 17.

Almost every single person I photograph thinks the exact same thing. You are not expected to be models, so worry not. I have some fun ways to ease tension and get you relaxed during portraits so you actually enjoy the experience. Most of the time, you are interacting with each other and forget that I am even there. My photography is emotionally driven, and all that takes is just being YOU!

I provide help throughout the entire planning process so that you are well prepared for the adventure of a lifetime. I have traveled all 50 states in the USA and explored every type of terrain. We will chat in depth about all the elements of your chosen destination, providing tips and things I recommend buying for the experience (my Amazon Storefront for gear) and implementing Leave No Trace ethics to ensure we are enjoying the outdoors sustainably and responsibly.

Short answer: no. My storytelling approach to photography typically requires more than one or two hours of coverage to really capture the essence of the epic day and your connection. I specialize in crafting unique, full day experiences for nature-loving couples. Package details can be found here.

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