1% For The Planet Member Donating To Our Public Lands

I am crazy passionate about the great outdoors and feel most empowered amidst nature. I have found pieces of me buried in adventure: inner-light, truth, and ultimately, self-love all because sacred lands hold space for us to exists as our most authentic selves. All I gain from experiences, the feelings and deep connection, fuels the creative energy that goes into my work with couples.

Though I could never match all that our public lands have given me, I am partnered with 1% For The Planet giving a portion of your investment directly to the National Park Foundation and the National Forest Foundation.

Beyond donations, I strive to be an advocate for the outdoors and treat Mother Nature with the utmost respect. As a certified Leave No Trace aware photographer, I implement LTN ethics throughout my creative practices. I want to do my part in helping preserve and protect sacred spaces so every couple can revisit where they said their vows and celebrate 5, 10, 50 years in the future. Read about my efforts to leave no trace.

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