Photographer. Storyteller. Traveler.

I'm Julie, the artist behind
magnolia and ember

Every single aspect of my life is intentional—the way I spend my time, the people I connect with, the things I fill my home with, the places I travel, and even all the elements of my business. I have discovered pieces of my favorite version of self wandering in Mother Nature's churches. Therefore, Magnolia and Ember exists for the chance to expand that same fulfillment into my professional career as well. I get to spend the days I work away from home surrounded by marvelous creations amidst the places where I first caught a peek of honest self-reflection. After all, it is in the name. Magnolia + Ember = ME.


My goal is to create space for you to be deeply present with your partner on your wedding day, and then each time you look back at the photos, you are able to feel those moments all over again. This is met by crafting an adventure that is an authentic reflection of yourselves. The experience is one filled with elements you love and activities you enjoy doing together. Want to hike and finish the night off at your favorite brewery? Do it! Want to go explore the backcountry and camp? Pack up! Want to take helicopter ride to a place surrounded by glaciers and mountains? Grab your jackets! Whatever the vision may be, I will help bring your dream to life by assisting with location ideas, what to pack, marriage license requirements, permit applications, timeline, and I can even officiate the ceremony. When the big day arrives, I will be there to photograph the whole experience as it unfolds.

getting married amidst the wild

how this works

Sneak peeks in one week and full gallery delivered in six weeks


the big day!


plan your experience: brainstorm ideas, LOCATIONs, and activites


sign contract and Pay Retainter


Inquire about your adventure elopement