I was born with adventure in my blood. Childhood vacations were never for the purpose of escaping life and relaxing, but rather living life and having fulfilling experiences that we would always remember. I've skied since I could walk, scuba certified when I was 13, and taken countless RV trips camping with my family. I started traveling alone in 2015 taking solo road trips across the country to find pieces of me I knew were buried in adventure. When I'm not photographing a wedding on top of a mountain, I'm playing on top of mountain. When I'm not planning an elopement at the base of a waterfall, I'm making plans for road trips to discover new waterfalls. The point I'm trying to make is that you are getting more than just a photographer. You get a passionate expert who deeply understands the choice to get married amidst the wild.

Get ready for an exciting, stress-free, intentional, and super fun experience

meet The photographer: Julie Crawford

photo by R. Clift

Take a helicopter ride to the top of a mountain peak and get married where only few people have been

Rent a rad Airbnb, have an intimate ceremony with guests, and explore for newlywed portraits at sunset

Stand on the edge of an cliff, listen to the ocean waves crash against the rocks while getting married

Road-trip and stop at all your favorite spots to say pieces of your vows at each destination

Hike to watch the sunrise and say vows to your best friend just as the sun breaks over the horizon

If you can dream it, I can plan it...

The most important thing you can do for your wedding is make it 100% about you and your partner. When you visualize a perfect day together, what does that look like? Feel like? What’s the weather like? What landscapes inspire you most? The day can be as chill or extreme as you want because Magnolia + Ember is about creating an authentic experience around your dream vision that will be beautifully unforgettable.

Weddings are not just for ballrooms...
Elopements are not just for courthouses...

Enjoy a handful of sneaks in just a week and the full gallery six weeks after the wedding.

editing & delivery

Go on an adventure! Explore, exchange vows, and revel in every bit of the day.

best day ever

Choose location, brainstorm ideas for activities, and start bringing the vision to life.


Find the best date (not required before booking if flexible), sign contract, and pay retainer.


Crafting unforgettable, deeply connected, and intentional wedding experiences for couples.