Traveling has proven itself capable of unfolding layers of the inner self. Each new journey reveals a greater awareness of myself and all that surrounds—a beautiful blossoming of my soul.

Journeys across the country have become a staple in my life, and my station wagon is pretty much my best friend. After planning a trip out west, someone told me about Antelope Canyon just weeks before I left town. I am so grateful I took their advice and took a detour because this place turned out to be one of my favorites. The Navajo Sandstone is an absolute must see if you are thinking of exploring the Southwest.

Antelope Canyon | Navajo Land | Arizona

a remarkable place to experience

Standing in awe, gazing up at the bright sky peeking through the canyon, I kept thinking to myself: this is so surreal. I couldn’t believe such wonders exist, much less to be standing in the depths of it.

A powerful tremble soared through my body as I stood encased in the marvelous creation known as Antelope Canyon. I suddenly felt a connection to everything around me, almost as if the spirits of the jagged canyons were speaking directly to me. In that conscious moment, I became aware that the sensations were voices of my own screaming from within buried walls just waiting to be shifted and shaped into something as incredibly unique as these sandstones. My light was about to surface.

Could you imagine getting married in a slot canyon?? Antelope Canyon itself has gained popularity over the years causing it to not be ideal for an intimate wedding experience. Luckily though, there are many lesser known slot canyons I stumbled upon as I explored throughout Southern Utah and Arizona that are just as breathtaking but without the crowd. I’d love the opportunity to help plan and photograph an adventure elopement at one of them.

Full-day and multi-day elopement packages include all photographer’s travel fees for any destination in the USA. However, there are no additional travel fees for half-day elopement packages and adventure couples sessions booked for dates and locations that align with the current travel schedule.

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