Big Sur Wedding at Deer Point House | Destination Elopement Photographer

Pacific Coast Elopement in Big Sur, California at Deer Point House


February 18, 2021

a love letter

Standing on this coastline, there is nothing I would change
So grateful that I met this creature, beautiful and strange
We used to walk the trails here and we’d stop to watch the sea
But honestly I’d only stop to watch you next to me 

You are the sea, the sun and trees, essential and divine
What better place than this for me to finally make you mine
To find a kindred soul is something truly rare in life
Let alone a bohemian princess who’d one day be my wife 

We are dreamers and we’re lovers so I’m glad that we could find
A place to make the world stand still and leave the race behind
That we could keep things simple in a world that moves so fast
Your smile, in its sincerity, an image built to last 

A canvas tent and picnic table, garlanded and fair,
beset with jeweled glass and yet it really can’t compare
To the happiness within me as I see you standing there,
That lovely boho wedding dress and flowers in your hair 

That’s how I hold you in my mind, the timelessness and grace
The taste of peach tea on your lips, the gorgeousness of lace
Thank you love, for saying yes, you’ve let my spirit soar
By making me a better man and showing me there’s more 

We are dreamers and we’re lovers and that’s what we will remain
Although after today the world may never be the same
Standing on this coastline, gazing at the setting sun,
A perfect day is ending but our life has just begun