Highlights of 2018


This year has been beyond extraordinary, personally and professionally. I’ve unfolded even more layers of myself and my brand during 2018, grown more comfortable sharing my story with Diary of Magnolia, challenged myself to push the limits of my photography, and found further depth inside and out by simply choosing to be my genuine self always. I've become aware that me and M+E are indistinguishable. In another soul-defining year, I've merged my passion for art, emotions, nature, and love together allowing them all to come to life within this brand. When I set out to live this intentional lifestyle, a beautiful light began to shine everywhere around me guiding me along the path. All the synchronicities are incredible little confirmations that all of this is meant for me.

Here are highlights of 2018’s love stories including at least one from each wedding, elopement, or couples session that I’ve had the pleasure of capturing this year. Some are blogged in full and can be found my clicking the image. Most still remain unseen so it’s exciting to share these along with various accomplishments for the year. I have surrounded myself with so many couples who truly exhibit the kind of relationships I seek to capture with soul connecting emotional authenticity.


I've experienced some of the coolest things in 2018!


I’ve captured love stories in nine states.


The word Magnolia has constantly repeated itself in variations throughout the year.


I’ve embraced wedding crashers including kayakers, bears, and goats. I’ve dubbed this little dude the “ringbear” alluding to my love for How I Met Your Mother.


I’ve signed as witness to an elopement.


I’ve been published on Green Wedding Shoes and Wandering Weddings several times.


I’ve photographed many intentional weddings and elopements. The one below was designed with elements that were made with ethically sourced and recycled materials. The potted plants doubled as centerpieces and wedding favors. They really focused on the importance of sustainability and supporting local artists.


I’ve seen some unique designs and places that speak to my eclectic taste.


I’ve checked off a few bucketlist locations.


I’ve stepped in places I never thought I would. Even though I’m not a sports fan, this was a really cool experience (like the time I photographed a wedding inside Lambeau Field back in 2012). It brought so much joy seeing how happy the groom was after a surprise entrance into the stadium. He is a UT Vols fanatic and even chose his wedding to take place on Peyton Manning’s birthday. It sent him over the moon having the opportunity to sit under his idle’s commemorated place in the locker room.

UT Knoxville Wedding at Neyland Stadium
UT Knoxville Wedding at Neyland Stadium

I’ve learned to look at things from various perspectives, even laying on the floor while everyone watched the fireworks that were overhead. This wedding took place at The Bridge Building in Nashville on the Fourth of July. With the exception of those lighting the fuses, we were the closest people to the firework display. It was an interesting and intense evening because the given circumstances made us have to go on lockdown for a couple hours before/after the fireworks with gunned security officers roaming each floor.

The Bridge Building | Nashville Wedding Photographer

I experienced my first drag show at this couple’s wedding reception at Suzy Wong’s in Nashville.


I had the wonderful pleasure of capturing weddings that defy standards.


I been blown away with discovering locations in Tennessee that I didn’t know existed.


I’ve met several fur babies.

Lifestyle engagement photos at home | Knoxville wedding photogra
Megan and Cody Engagement Session | Family Farm in Nashville

I’ve gained confidence in my skill to shoot in any setting;
from bright sunlight to raging thunderstorms - from freezing snow blizzards to pitch black darkness.


I’m growing beautiful friendships from synchronistic connections with clients.


I'm looking forward to seeing what the upcoming year holds for me and Magnolia + Ember. I'm ready for profound love and divine connections. I'm also ready to travel for my first international wedding/elopement anywhere worldwide. For Iceland specifically, I'm offering no travel fees for all weddings or elopements anywhere within the country during 2019.

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