New Year, New Life Resolution


I have anticipated this year since I was a little girl because my favorite number is fourteen, and it is because my birthday is April 14th. I have always thought to myself "Wow 2014 is going to be so cool because of fourteen but it is so far away!" Here I am years and years later and it is hard to believe. In the eyes of that child, I thought the year would be amazing simply because of a number. Now at age 27, I am here to tell you, fourteen be an amazing year. I have recently discovered life through a whole new set of eyes - a new life resolution.

Life has thrown me around so much with wonderful ups and crazy downs. When I reflect on my experiences, I see that everything has made me who I am today. I challenge you to open your eyes, ears, and heart and listen closely. You never know, this could change your life just as it has mine. In this year, and for the rest of my years, I am vowing to be the best version of myself and focus on what means the most to me on this journey.

I have discovered there is far more valuable things in life than a big fancy house or nice clothes. Certainly there is nothing wrong with having nice things and I have my fair share of extravagances, but none of those tangible items can compare to the non-material things in life. Memories. Those moments that cannot be replace. I have come to know memories are the best things you could ever have. Love. I have learned to carry a love for life, a love for those who care about me, and even have for those who hate me because I promise the hatred is more about them and less about me. Love could turn the whole world around, and I really believe love is the basis of all existence. Attitude. Every encountered throughout life will not be great, but it is all about perspective. I am choosing to keep a positive mind, it has helped me get through things a lot easier than a negative attitude ever did.

My favorite lyric that is more true than anything I have ever heard comes from Ben Howard. "Heaven is a place we know. Heaven is the arms that hold us long before we go." The precious moments experienced and the love shared with others and myself, those are the valuable things in life. If happiness is all I have, if those I love and the ones who love me are all I have to share it with, that is all that truly matters. I choose to create a habit of happiness. I will be myself and love myself. I will carry a spark that no one can extinguish. I will keep my heart strong.

The year 2014 is going to be awesome for many more reasons that just a number. I wish all of you a great year. May every one of your dreams come true. May you be successful in all things you do. Most importantly, may life grow unforgettably.