Roaming the City Streets with 35 mm Film // New York City


Last October was my first time in New York City. In fact it was the first time in any big city, and to top it off I was completely alone. Why did I chose to shoot only film photography? Because I had no f*%king clue what I was doing. That is why, not with film or in the city.

Earlier in the morning, I met two gentlemen at the Brooklyn Bridge Park to start their sunrise engagement session. They toured me around Brooklyn and through my first subway ride over to part of Central Park to capture some iconic staples of NYC. After we finished up the photo shoot, I decided to walk around and explore.

The city truly swept me off my feet. Terrified before arriving in the city, I decided to let go of any presumptions. Going at it with an open mind, I spent eight hours venturing the streets of New York City by myself taking advice from my client given at the completion of our session that morning.

You don’t discover the city, the city discovers you.
— Joey Coppedge

He could not have been more on point. In a mass of tall buildings and flock of people, I could not have felt more alone. In the heart of chaos in fast pace living, I could not have felt more calm. With the irony came peace.

I decided to shoot film because being a photographer I can sometimes get caught up in trying to capture too much to the point that it takes away from my experience. With film, I knew I would get one shot. No instant preview with "I can do it better" or "I got to get another shot." One click and I am done. These are not even toned digitally after being developed and scanned. They are straight from film. Having been my first roll of film ever I had no clue how the photos would turn out, but that was all part of the excitement. Just as my city adventure of not knowing how the trip would transpire, no map, and just walking wherever I was drawn to, I lived for the essence of that moment for exactly what it was without expectation.

Here are a few of my favorites from Grand Central Station, the New York Public Library, and of course The Waldorf-Astoria because Serendipity is my all time favorite movie!

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new york city film photography
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Grand Central Terminal | NYC Photography
new york city film photographer
Grand Central Station | New York City
Grand Central Station | NYC Film Photography
The Waldorf Astoria | NYC