Welcome Back To Earth Beautiful Spirit | Adventure Photographer

"Open the door." The only three words I hear as I instinctively look around to grab the nearest thing around me. A gust of wind chills the air at warp speed. All of the sudden this is real. I resist the urge to reach out for anything and simply hold tight to myself. With my life and ass (literally) in the hands of a man I've known only briefly, I step out on the ledge.

As I stare deep into the unknown, I realize for perhaps the first time in my life I truly have no expectations of what's about to happen. Not another word spoken. I fall.


Almost as if the entire world is frozen at this moment, I spiral into a backflip getting a 360° view of nature's beautiful art painted all around me. Drowning in the wind, I plunge through the open air at 120 mph but simply feel as if I am only floating. Suspended in air with time at a stand still, the earth isn't getting any closer. It's an experience that can never truly be explained. 

Skydive Moab | Utah Skydiving

When the parachute opens a serene silence appears - a peaceful delight. My entire body goes numb as my mind tries to process the fact that I am witnessing the most incredible experience in my life at this very second. As I lean my head back to rest it on my tandem partner, I can't help but laugh. I did it. We just jumped out of a plane. Gracefully floating like a feather back down to earth, Nick and I enjoy the most surreal view of heaven peaking ranges still covered in snow and the beautiful red cliffs of Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and the Dead Horse Point State Park. In the present moment it is as if we are the only two people in the world. My spirit is entirely free. 


There isn't a better place for me to skydive. My heart belongs to the mountains, and my soul lives in the canyons. The most beautiful place in the world: Moab, Utah. 

Free falling. It's a freedom you have to feel for yourself.