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Rebranding Wedding Photography Business

I encourage others to share their passion and desire, but sometimes I forget to share my own. This was especially true in my business name. I merely labeled my photography with my childhood nickname, but words have power. The little things matter. Just as I talk about with my clients when choosing engagement session locations, make everything you do reflect yourself. Find what brings you deep joy and ignites your soul, and do those things.

The inspiration behind transforming Jewels Photography into Magnolia + Ember.

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A Trip Down A Long Winding Road | Adventure Photographer

We as humans, as beautiful souls are constantly evolving. Each experience we go through teaches a lesson we came to Earth to learn so we can make a positive difference in the world. Everything moves you closer to the person you are meant to be.

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Epic 25-day Road Trip Across the Country Alone | Adventure Photographer

With my bags packed, the car loaded, and a joyful heart in tow, I began this road trip across the country completely alone. It was an experience that forever changed my life. In 25 days I drove 7027 miles with just my VW Jetta, a tent, and the open road.

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