The Secret Behind My Style & What It Feels Like To Work With M+E

because this is more than just about pretty pictures

There is a deep fulfillment that comes with being an adventure wedding & elopement photographer. I love the genuine emotions and sacredness shared between soulmates. I love the soft moments of quiet embraces—honest moments in time. I love capturing time as it unfolds and the candid in-betweens that reflect truth. And, I love the power felt standing amidst the wild and really experiencing life.

The more I express my true self throughout all aspects of Magnolia + Ember, the more I open myself to attracting in the kindred spirits that are meant for me because the same values resonate within their own selves. Don’t get me wrong, it’s fucking scary sometimes putting myself out there in such a vulnerable way, but I feel this is my purpose in this lifetime. I’m ready to really be seen for who I am and harness my creative power as an artist. There are a lot of photographers in the wedding & elopement industry, many crafting breathtaking art, but I strive to go beyond the pictures and make your time with me a wildly intentional experience. I want to create a safe space for layers to unfold allowing me to capture the radiating love and emotional connection that you can feel in my work—a holistic approach. And to do so, I have to have awareness within my own truth… go in depth on Instagram @magnoliaandember.

One of the best feelings as an artist is couples trusting my creative skill to capture a visual representation of the love and connection between them. I have been told time and time again that I have a powerful way of making people feel comfortable and allowing them to open up during photo shoots. Because my craft is so much a part of my authentic self (Magnolia + Ember = M+E = ME), the holistic passion yields the ability to capture the emotional depth that is felt within my art.

the secret behind my style is simple

I hold space for people to exist together as they are. I am not there to capture my projections or how I feel they should be. Rather, I encourage couples to let everything else fade and just experience what is right in front of them in their natural state of being.

Find a quiet place and try this mental exercise to see if you’re ready for your wildly intentional experience of a lifetime:

Take a deep breath expanding your lungs to full capacity. Now, slowly exhale releasing any expectations and thoughts of the outside world. Place your mind at the base of a raging waterfall and breathe in the thick mist of air filling the space around you. Visualize your hair blowing wildly in the wind. Become aware of the goosebumps rising across your body from the chilling splashes. Now, picture your divine partner standing in your presence—the one that was crafted just for you by the magic of the Universe. Lure them close and intertwine yourselves. Take them in—all of them. Find the rise and fall of their chest against yours, and together, synchronize your breathing. Look out and see the extraordinary creation of Mother Nature that surrounds you both. You are free as can be. Only love is here.

Now close your eyes and stay in this moment for 60 seconds…

this is your time and space

Feel that? The tranquility within, yet a spike of adrenaline that heightens your senses? The loving excitement that has overcome your body? That is the energy I seek to capture in your frames. Magnolia + Ember is more than just photographing madly-in-love couples. I am creating a space for authentic moments to transpire—those filled with emotional depth and soulful connections. The art of M+E photography is driven through experiences.

If this sounds like a little bit of heaven to you, get in touch and let’s start planning your adventure. I am based in the Great Smoky Mountains, and I travel worldwide helping couples plan the whole experience from finding the ideal location that speaks to you and your partner, what to pack in your bags, marriage license and permit information, and so much more. Check out the all-inclusive wedding and elopement photography packages.