Engagement Photo Shoots

A fun date with your honey is essentially what an engagement session is - just with a photographer tagging along.

Just like everything else in life, I put heart and soul into anything I do and make it a reflection of my self. Engagement sessions are no exception. I go in depth with couples finding out their personalities, hobbies as a couple, their style, passion, and such-like qualities so we can determine the best fit location and vibe for a photo shoot. I am huge on making the shoot personal rather than just because.

Whether it is a dressed up occasion on the downtown city streets, hiking endless miles in the woods, or sitting on the edge of a canyon; I want the photographs to express the couple’s natural element. Engagement sessions begin at $400.

New York City Engagement

Often the engagement session is the first time people are in front of a professional camera, and that could be intimidating not knowing what to expect. I can assure you at the end of the photo shoot that you will be glad you did it. This allows you the opportunity to know how I photograph and gives me the chance to know you better as a couple. You are sure to be comfortable with my individual style by the end that there will be no worries with what to expect on your big day. I will guide you through the process on posing (or better yet the lack of) and getting cozy with your lover so we can gain the best reflection of your soulful love between one another.

Waterfall Engagement
adventurous engagement session
adventure engagement