Intimate Smoky Mountain Wedding | where nature and art collide

Gatlinburg, Tennessee

Jessica and James wanted a wedding that spoke to both of them—his modern taste and her nature side. When searching for a venue, they had to look no further than a close friend’s own home. Never having hosted a wedding on the property (i.e., no photos floating around for inspiration), we had the whole gorgeous space to create a truly one-of-a-kind wedding experience. I could not have been more excited to witness the first, and maybe only, wedding at this private estate in Norton Creek Park.

Every piece of their day carried purpose—from the location to the date and everything in between. The confetti was one of my favorite details. Jessica had saved flowers that James had given her since their first date, lavender from their garden, and leaves from their backyard that were cut into stars to represent the Christmas Star from the night he proposed, and she crushed them all into confetti that was not only meaningful but kind to the environment. The thought put into that is felt in my soul.

kind words from the couple:

“To say I was amazed by Julie is a gross understatement!!! Her want to connect with the bride and groom to share their specific story is unrivaled! She caught moments of my husband, of our families, I missed during our wedding day, that I will treasure forever in her photos! We entrusted one of the most important days of our lives to someone we barely knew and it turned out better than I could’ve ever imagined!!! Julie truly captured the love that day, not only between us, but the details of everything; the process of finding the perfect dress, the details that stood out to us, the love of two families coming together as one, the love of ones who were watching in Heaven, and so much more! I could spend hours telling the world how much I will forever cherish these photos, these precious moments frozen in a single image that causes an emotional floodgate.

Fellow/future brides: your special day will fly by in a blink of an eye so trust your important day to someone who is able to capture it fully!!! For me, this someone is Julie Crawford!!! From all of my heart, thank you!!! Thank you for giving me something that my heart is able to relive forever and ever!!!” – Jessica + James

Creating space for private moments as newlyweds

The couple had an intimate day spending quality time with their families while dedicating a portion of their experience for just the two of them to really soak in moments of the just married feeling. After the ceremony and family portraits, the caterer packed food for the couple and we headed down the mountain. The first stop of their photo tour was their first meal as husband & wife. We set the scene with candles, took a few photos, and I hung out in my car allowing them some privacy.

We continued back up the mountain, stopping wherever the inspiration hit. The property has a few scattered houses, all built with nature in mind. Along the private drive, there are bronze statues and art collected from all around the world place along the roadside. The property is truly astonishing. After wedding portraits throughout the property, the couple rejoined their families for a catered dinner, toasts, and a loving celebration.

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