Magnolia + Ember is a holistic brand allowing me to explore my greatest passions while personally evolving more with each day on this journey. My creative mission extends further than the press and release of a shutter. M+E exists for the opportunity to surround myself with kindred spirits, capture profound connections between people, witness extraordinary places on Earth, and fulfill pieces of my purpose for existence. This is an exploration of every depth of my soul and divine experiences.

Read about the two words in my name and
the powerful growth they were derived from

I write as a means to sort through emotions and make my thoughts tangible. In the search for everything, I have discovered the power of vulnerability and the beauty in expressing the authentic self. Find in-depth entries on my personal blog and more frequent pieces of poetry on Instagram #diaryofmagnolia. May my words find home where they are needed.

Julie Crawford, Author of Diary of Magnolia

About the artist

INFP + heightened awareness of synchronicity

Get deeply lost in poetic lyrics

Serendipity is my favorite word… and movie

Lover of the moon + stars + metaphysics

Explored all 50 states in the USA

Founding ambassador for National Park Geek
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