Hi I'm Julie, the artist behind Magnolia + Ember. I am a Tennessee-based photographer making home at the foot of the Smoky Mountains in Maryville. I've been a Knoxville wedding photographer for eight years and expanded into the Nashville market in 2014.

I'm an advocate for authenticity encouraging couples to be their genuine selves. When people can let go, be themselves and lovingly free, magic happens in front of my lenses. That is when I capture the emotions and awesomeness of relationships. I'm not one for stiff-posed photographs. I embrace the eccentric way I have of capturing natural elements. I want people to look back at pictures and have every feeling of that moment come crashing down. The ultimate goal is to create an experience that will forever hold the amazing energy of time spent together capturing the love between two souls.

My approach to photography is fun and quirky so that it allows genuine emotions to shine. I'll give prompts that allow creation of memorable moments rather than posed portraits. I want couples to be so wrapped up in each other and their connection that they forget I'm even there. My goal is to create an authentic, unique experience that highlights the very essence of shared love.

Adventure Wedding Photographer | Colorado Elopement



  • Lover of life and all its magic.
  • Creative mind. I live for designing anything that expresses me.
  • Crush on all things bohemian and eclectic.
  • Universe believing, metaphysical craving, crystal obsessing human.
  • Maker + shop owner of Wander Knot.
  • Nature junkie. Earth has so much to offer. Get out and discover!
  • Founding ambassador of National Park Geek.
  • Music enthusiast. Music can speak soul like nothing else. I can explain life and my emotions strictly in John Mayer and Ben Howard lyrics.
  • Soulful dreamer. A necessity to always try to find the beauty in everything.
  • I like my coffee black and my wine red.
  • And I collect coffee mugs from meaningful experiences & places.
  • Quality over quantity. 
  • Believer that if you can't put your whole heart into something, it isn't worth your time.
  • Be you. Recycle love. Stay weird.



I'm an adventurous little earthling with this magnetic pull to nature. The power within rocky mountains, the spirit that soars through red canyons, the lights that live in the infinite sky. The entire Universe sparks fire in my soul. Nature and adventure is spiritual. It is fulfilling. It is home.

I travel any chance I'm given. I've photographed weddings and editorial shoots all over the country. I'm patiently waiting for the couple that joins me exploring the lands of Iceland, the Swiss Alps, Norway, perhaps Patagonia, or anywhere under the Northern Lights and capture a fearless love in an epic location. My passport is locked and loaded.

Embracing my free spirit, I launched Wander Knot inspired by experiences and spiritual journey. The brand came to life after my epic 25-day solo road trip across the country in 2016 with only my camera, a tent, and my VW Jetta. I share my collections of handmade jewelry, crystal candles, and custom designed clothing that has just the right about of that boho eclectic vibe sprinkled with a bit of metaphysical greatness.

Knoxville Wedding Photographer | Adventure Elopements + Destinat

In addition to specializing in weddings, I love connecting with other artistic souls.
I offer mentoring for photographers and creative branding photography for entrepreneurs.