LGBT Wedding Snoopers Rock Tennessee | Adventure Elopement Photo

Wedding Anniversary in the Tennessee River Gorge + the secret behind my style


Tennessee River Gorge in Chattanooga

There is a deep fulfillment that comes with being an adventure wedding & elopement photographer. I love the genuine emotions and sacredness shared between soulmates. I love the soft moments of quiet embraces—honest moments in time. I love capturing time as it unfolds and the candid in-betweens that reflect truth. And, I love the power felt standing amidst the wild and really experiencing life.

One of the best feelings as an artist is couples trusting my creative skill to capture a visual representation of the love and connection between them. I have been told time and time again that I have a powerful way of making people feel comfortable and allowing them to open up during photo shoots. Because my craft is so much a part of my authentic self (Magnolia + Ember = M+E = ME), the holistic passion yields the ability to capture the emotional depth that is felt within my art.

the secret behind my style is simple…

I hold space for people to exist together as they are. I am not there to capture my projections or how I feel they should be. Rather, I encourage couples to let everything else fade and just experience what is right in front of them in their natural state of being.

Curious what it feels like to work with Magnolia + Ember?

Try out this mental exercise from the comfort of your private space and see if my style is a fit.

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