What Inclusivity Means To Me as an LGBTQ+ Friendly Photographer

“Love is the basis of all existence.”

Julie Crawford

Inclusivity is more than changing some words on a website or making a statement that a wedding vendor is LGBTQ+ friendly. It starts with truly believing within yourself that each and every person is deserving of love.

I want couples to feel welcomed and know their love has a home in my heart and within my photography brand. I want couples to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that they are safe in my presence—that they can allow themselves to unfold and really dive into the emotional depth and connection with their partner without hesitation. My art is intentionally crafted to encourage couples to shine as their most authentic selves.

We are all born with the innate desire to be loved in our most honest form, and I’d be ashamed if anyone ever felt less in their experience with me.

LGBTQ+ Elopement Photographer for Adventure Wedding Experiences

Magnolia + Ember is a traveling photographer based in Tennessee and specializes in planning and documenting wildly intentional experiences for couples in destinations that speak to their hearts. I’m your biggest supporter for ditching traditions and having an adventurous wedding that reflects your authentic self and is deeply fulfilling (basically your unofficial maid of honor). After all, this is YOUR day and should be crafted around scenery and activities that inspire you and your partner.

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