camp high shirt | third eye rainbow

Poem About My Honest Self: Past, Present, Future

Artist's Diary

August 28, 2020

Searching for pieces of me in others
Sometimes friends and sometimes lovers
Time reveals the whole already within
Rejoicing in the comfort of my own skin

Exploring solitude and my higher purpose
Discovering self-reflection in lyrical verses
And in Mother Nature’s churches

Navigating a journey through the shadow self
Promising never to put my heart back on the shelf
Seeing both light and dark when I meditate
Vowing never to let my truth dissipate

Healing wounds and authentically creating
Peaceful farewells to persuasion and debating
Intuition leading me to all that is awaiting

Daydreaming of a future partnership
Built with unwavering craftsmanship
I close my eyes and feel our embrace
Fast-forwarding to our fated time and space

The day will come for our flesh to collide
A destined connection finally aligned
Balanced masculine and feminine energy divine

Unveiling all of me shaped by profound depth
Finding home in the rise and fall of his breath
Our light will reflect of metaphysical prism
And we will forever dance to the rhythm

Of a song so sacred
Two souls fully awakened

camp high shirt | third eye rainbow