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Julie Crawford, the artist behind Magnolia + Ember, is an adventure photographer based in the Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee crafting wildly intentional wedding experiences around the world. She has traveled to all 50 states in the USA and, so far, has explored 38 of the 63 national parks. With her outdoor skills and adventurous passion, she can offer tips & suggestions throughout the planning stages to ensure you have a fun & stress-free process. Then on your elopement day, be present to capture the balance between nature's beauty and emotional depth as everything unfolds.

You deserve a best day ever that is actually your best day ever—a fulfilling wedding experience that is a true reflection of your and your partner. With Magnolia + Ember, you get the resources to create your own adventure elopement. Want to hike, have a picnic, and finish the night off at your favorite brewery? Do it! Want to go explore the backcountry and camp? Pack up! Want to take helicopter ride to a place surrounded by glaciers and mountains? Grab your jackets! I can help manifest your dream vision including activity ideas for your chosen location, marriage license requirements, permit applications, timeline for the whole experience, and I am even able to double as the officiant for your intimate ceremony.

wildly intentional elopements

Adventure elopement photography packages begin at $5200 and range from 8-hour to 2-day experiences. Every package includes the full resolution, edited digital image files of your photos and printing rights to fulfill orders at any lab of your choice. Your private gallery will be set up with a print shop if you want to order online and a guest password to share with family & friends. Regardless of the location you have chosen, anywhere in the entire world, I’ll take care of all my own travel costs.

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