creative branding photographer in knoxville

Designing and photographing are two of my creative gifts. I've photographed weddings for eight years and love every single minute capturing these breathtaking love stories. I also love the detail shots of all style aspects the couples have sought to make their day reflect themselves: the rings, the tables, the stationery, and the list goes on.

creative branding photographer in Knoxville

The passion behind styling details led me to start designing styled shoots for other wedding professional to use for their own marketing purposes or to build their portfolio. Give me a vibe and I'll create magic. Being both the photographer and stylist gives the advantage of knowing exactly what I have in mind in terms of photographing as I am creating the stage. I know how to generate the sentiment you are trying to achieve and portray your business as. I've worked with vendors thousands of miles away bringing their ideas to life. Locations are not limited as I am open to travel anywhere for a magical collaboration. Contact to set up your consultation. 


Brand awareness is not limited to wedding artists. Whether you are just starting a business or wanting to show new arrivals in a steady company, the best way to highlight your work is to put it into action. I stage products so that it provokes emotions in your potential consumers. Take for example these awesome travel journals from Wayfaren. More than just your product or service, clients love to connect with you on a personal level. I encourage entrepreneurs themselves to have stylized photo shoots so they can give insight to the lifestyle of their career, show behind-the-scenes, have biography photos that reflect their brand, and so much more. Go further in depth with creative branding.

Creative Branding Photography for Entrepreneurs
Creative Branding Photography for Entrepreneurs
Creative Branding Photography for Entrepreneurs

Samples of Brand Collaborations: