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Smoky Mountain Wedding at The Magnolia Venue in Tennessee


May 7, 2021

Michele and Marty

There is something extraordinary about The Smokies, and I am certainly not the only one who thinks that. The great Smoky Mountain National Park gets roughly twelve million visitors each year, so it’s easy to see why this place is one of the top locations for destination weddings in the USA. Although the scenic views are beyond incredible, for me personally, the significance of this magical place extends beyond the endless stretch of mountains and settles deep within my soul. I have found pieces of me buried in this land: surfaced inner-light as the sun set on Hyatt Lane, discovered truth journeying to unmapped waterfalls, and ultimately, found self-love all because these mountains hold space for you to exist as your authentic self.

With every wedding I photograph at The Magnolia, all of these thoughts and emotions flood back into conscious awareness. Each time I stand on the balcony of this mountaintop venue, I am gently reminded of how beautiful life is and how thankful I am to experience East Tennessee. As one of their preferred photographers, I am lucky to be here quite a bit, and I get just as excited with each new wedding to share the energy of this space with others. I am forever grateful the owners took a chance on me their opening year. Maybe they felt connected through our names or maybe something more. I do like to believe that fate has a say in things, and without a doubt, there is strong sense of synchronicity behind the word magnolia.

Groom at Airbnb Rental House

Something Borrowed: Mom’s wedding shoes from the 1970’s

celebrating love and adventure

Bridal Suite at The Magnolia Venue

First Look at The Knoll

The Wedding Party

the details

The Ceremony

Toast and Cake c̶u̶t̶t̶i̶n̶g̶ Fighting

I (icing) mustache you a question…

What’s extra special about this wedding?

It’s filled with some of the people I love the most – my family!

family & friends

Golden Hour | Bride & Groom Portraits

party time with the live wedding band

Stephen Goff and The Royals

Mr. & Mrs.

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