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Hi! I'm Julie Crawford, the artist behind Magnolia + Ember. I am a destination wedding photographer with an established home at the foot of the Smoky Mountains in Maryville while splitting time between the East and the West. I've been a Knoxville wedding photographer for eight years and implementing Portland, Oregon as a shared base. In 2016, I packed my VW and set off on a 25-day road trip across the country by myself to discover the depths of my soul. On the spiritual quest, through some self-discovery and my first dose of weddings in monumental places, I became aware what my brand is meant for — adventure weddings and elopements with couples who have this same passion for life, love, and wanderlust. That was the trip that changed my life, a rebirth if I may. That was when I, a lightly seasoned wedding photographer, truly began to understand my purpose and why I was given my gift for creativeness. Thus, the turning point for Magnolia + Ember and the shift into authenticity.

Along with continued effort in my own life, I encourage couples to be their genuine selves. When people can let go and be themselves, lovingly free, magic happens in front of my lenses. This is when I capture the emotions and awesomeness of relationships. I'm not one for stiff-posed photographs. I like the candids, the in-betweens, the moments when hair is a mess and there isn’t a worry in the world. I embrace the eccentric way I have of capturing natural elements. I want couples to be so wrapped up in their connection with each other that they forget I'm even there. I want people to look back at pictures and have every feeling of that moment come crashing down. My goal is to create an authentic, unique experience that highlights the very essence of shared love.

  • Lover of life and all its magic.

  • Crush on all things bohemian and eclectic.

  • Universe believing, metaphysical craving, crystal obsessing human.

  • Maker + shop owner of Wander Knot to feed the above fact.

  • Founding ambassador of National Park Geek.

  • Music enthusiast. Many lyrics have been reflections of my soul bringing awareness that led to deep healing within (hey John Mayer!). And that vastness, that connection is fucking cool.

  • Passionate and emotional dreamer.

  • I collect coffee mugs from meaningful experiences & places.

  • Serendipity is my favorite word… and movie.

  • Quality over quantity.

  • Believer that if you can't put your whole heart into something, it isn't worth your time.

  • Be you. Recycle love. Stay weird. 

Along with the photographs sprinkled throughout my website, the blog is filled with a variety of love stories in remarkable destinations. In addition to serving as my in-depth portfolio, I often elaborate on my personal life and travel experiences within posts. Though the context may seem unrelated to wedding and elopement photography, Magnolia + Ember is a self-derived brand and a holistic expression of me. The creative passion allows connections with those kindred spirits meant for M+E. Intuition tells me that my words are meant for someone, so I listen and write in Diary of Magnolia. Follow small pieces of my journal with #diaryofmagnolia on Instagram.

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Working with Julie was an absolute delight. As soon as I spoke with her on the phone, I knew she was the right photographer for our wedding (a destination wedding in Joshua Tree National Park). I wanted someone to capture natural and adventurous photos, instead of traditional portraits that are more posed. Our wedding photos turned out amazing! They are exactly what I had hoped to get from our wedding. And I have gotten so many compliments on them. Julie is a gifted and creative photographer. In addition, she is dream to work with. She was flexible and easy going, and also had great advice and answers to all our questions. She was so accommodating and easy to work with throughout the day. The little touches she puts into her work, and the sweet gestures she makes to her clients were wonderful. I would 100% recommend hiring her for your photography needs!!
— Jessica K.


“…but our souls crave this magic.” 

- Nikki Rowe

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