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twin flame poem in tuesdays, heartbreaks, and soulmates book

October 2019, I began writing in a journal to my person—naming him *you*. The first entry was vows that made their way into pieces of poems throughout my book, especially in the letter to him on page 111. I continued pouring my heart into the diary for two years until I realized I needed to take a break and focus on writing the story of becoming the truest version of myself. The time had come for my song to be heard.

Part way through secretly writing my book, I felt a message from a higher power telling me that it would make its way into the hands of my person. I could feel him in the core of my existence. He would recognize my love in the pages as his own—the kind of love that brings *you* home.

On a date so synchronous that it’s truly hard to believe, a stranger’s email arrived in my inbox expressing his gratitude for the resonating words in a copy of Tuesdays, Heartbreaks, and Soulmates that was lended to him through an insane sequence of happenings that could have only been arranged by the creator of the Universe.

We were never really strangers.

hiking trails in frozen head state park

Twin Flame Union

His Poem | Page 111

To my person,
I trust you will arrive when this journey is
meant to be shared together in this lifetime
When we both evolve to the individuals
with the capacity to hold a love so grand
Every path I pursue carries the prayer
of manifesting our divine connection
I look for you everywhere and
no matter the route, I cannot find you
Understanding the beauty of Tuesdays
painful heartbreaks and shadow work
and loving moments with dearest soulmates
I have come to realize that all I should ever be
chasing is myself and to keep moving forward
I feel the essence of invincible connection
harmony and tenderness in the sincerity
I will continue to pour my heart into
soulful passions and achieve my dreams
May you be doing the same in your world
I will follow all the synchronicity, the numbers,
the lyrics, the adventures, and every calling
because amidst it all is truth and where
I feel the abundance of life—homely ground
Home is where I will be waiting for you
May this book find you someday and
reading the words and seeing the photograph
allow you to recognize my love as your own
As I live this wildly intentional
and flourishing existence of mine
just being my loving self
I carry the faith that
you will find your way back to me

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spicewood branch backcountry campsite in frozen head state park

📍 Spicewood Branch Campsite | Frozen Head State Park

Of course ferns would be surrounding us during our first backcountry camping trip together because the Universe has a great sense of humor when it comes to synchronicity. The fern featured in my book alongside the Twin Flame poem is a moment captured, on a Tuesday in October 2021, during the same hike that the cover of my book was unintentionally photographed by my brother as I stood on the edge of the unknown (read that story here).

Every moment throughout time has conspired to bring us together.

tennessee fern

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