Dear VW Golf Alltrack,

Welcome to your greatest adventure!

My hippie soul is thrilled to be back in a VW, and I’m excited to see what unfolds in what I’m calling a new chapter of my life. Reflecting back at the timing as I’ve owned each of my station wagons, I cannot help but find synchronicity in the fact that each has witnessed a major life-changing/evolving/expanding theme that has carried me to the next best version of myself. This is my third car in six years, and neither did I willingly trade for the next (kind of like the way the Universe gives and takes with its own divine plan). I’m just along for the ride!

In 2014, I set out to live a life crafted with intention and depth. I bought my first VW, a Jetta Sportwagen, and started taking solo road trips to discover pieces of myself that I knew were buried in adventure. Wheels have carried me 130,000+ miles across the country over these years. Lay-flat seats have cradled me while I slept in the wilderness. The steering wheel gripped tight to my hands through deserts, mountains, coasts, and even busy cities as I learned to navigate the maps of my own heart. Within four doors, space exists for me to continually grow as my most authentic self. I’m never judged for my thoughts, quirks, or when I talk aloud to myself. I’m never asked to bring my singing from a level 10 to a 2, nor do I hear complaining when I play the same song eight times in a row because I crave the energy felt within lyrics and with a handful of music artists. I’ve cried, laughed out loud, wrote letters only to burn them, stripped away comfort, driven through breathtaking landscapes, been scared shitless without a person in sight or phone service, bathed, cooked meals, overcome fear, been lost, found peace, and ultimately come alive—all inside of my sacred place. I don’t know long the journey will last or what experiences I’ll travel through in this one, but my arms are wide open to receiving what the Universe has in the works for me.