"The photography, the poems, the messages about trusting your inner knowing and growing into your authentic self… everything about it just touched my heart and soul and spoke to me in a way I haven’t had a book do in such a long time."

"Absolutely beautiful collection"

"Your soul needs this book!! A beautiful, relatable collection of poetry that speaks to finding one’s true self alongside thoughtful, yet breathtaking photography."

"A beautiful journey of self"

"I want to read it again on another road trip, another plane ride, or on another hammock. This book will not make it to a shelf rather it will live in my backpack and go on every adventure with me."

"Beautiful stories & photos"

"Love: lost, found, and yet to be discovered is emulated through Julie’s vulnerability and honesty in every word and every image. While a reflection of her own soul, the depth of her truths resonated and awakened parts of my own; thank you for that gift."

"Honest. Vulnerable. Enlightening."





In Tuesdays, Heartbreaks, and Soulmates, she shares fragments of time that have weaved themselves into the celestial fibers of her existence. As the pages turn and seasons change, she reflects on moments where she felt the essence of honest connection and was reminded that the love she seeks has lived within herself all along—

the kind of love that brings *you* home.

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