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June 9, 2022

There is something beautiful about sitting down and holding your story in your lap. Thumbing through the pages of an album crafted with love. Reminiscing the moments and emotions of your unforgettable wedding experience. Having a tangible storybook to touch and feel adds to the senses of your memories.

The Design Fee

Due to the vast options of cover materials, sizes, spread counts, and such to create exactly what you want in an album, I charge the design fee upfront and the actual cost of the album when the final proof is approved by the client. Included in the initial $700 investment:

  • layout by Magnolia + Ember (10 spreads = 20 pages)
  • a maximum of 50 spreads available with an additional design fee based on total count
  • digital proofing with 2 revision requests by client
  • access to exclusive pricing at Vision Art where the album will be ordered
  • up to 5 cover swatches shipped to your door to touch and feel and ensure you are choosing your favorite
  • simple debossing of names, date, and/or coordinates

Step 1: Designing Your Storybook

The first step to creating your album is designing the interior pages that showcase the photographs from your special day. To make the process really simply on your end, I build the foundation by selecting highlights from the full gallery that flow well together and tell the story of your experience. You can even choose to include wedding vows so they are forever inked in your storybook like pictured below (respectively redacted for the couple’s privacy).

two pages = one spread

When the album is open and laying flat, you see what is referred to as a spread. The gutter is seamless and folds nicely if a photo is printed along the crease. The photo is not distorted since there is no cut in the center, however, I do not recommend putting faces directly on the fold.

The Layout

Depending on how many spreads you choose upfront, there is typically one spread dedicated to details, one for each partner getting ready, 2-3 for the ceremony, portraits, and so on. There is a minimum of 10 spreads and a maximum of 50 spreads. Once I finish the initial design, I send a digital proof through the client portal where notes can easily be made for changes and swap any photos for another. The proofing system is attached to your client portal, so you can easily suggest replacements directly from your gallery.

Step 2: Proofing the Interior Design

Once I finish the initial design, I send a digital proof through the client portal where notes can easily be made for changes and swap any photos for another. The proofing system is attached to your client portal, so you can actually choose any suggested replacements directly from your gallery. There are two revisions covered in the base investment. This same proofing method will also be used to approve the following cover details before printing.

Step 3: Selecting Cover Details

I offer square albums because the fit with my creative process and look the best in my opinion. There are four sizes to choose from and prices vary based on spread count, cover material, type of paper finish. Custom display boxes and slip cases are available. The base cost for the 8-inch is $160 and $275 for the 12-inch, and those include the minimum of ten spreads. Once you commit to purchasing a custom album, I will send the exclusive pricing guide from Vision Art that goes in depth on the cost of each element so you can know what to expect. My artist compensation is covered within initial design fee, so the final invoice will be the actual cost of the album due prior to placing the order.

size options: 8″ x 8″, 10″ x 10″, 11″ x 11″, and 12″ x 12″

(pictured comparison of the most popular 10-inch and 12-inch sizes)

Cover Materials

Whatever your style may be, there is a cover option you are sure to love! See all the available colors and material at Vision Art. You can select up to five samples to check out in person before ordering the album.

  • Premium Leather
  • Ecoleather (vegan)
  • Book Cloth (coated and uncoated)
  • Velvet
  • Café Leather
  • Rustic Leather
  • Nubuck Leather
  • Full Grain Leather
  • Metallic Leather
  • Exotic Leather


Though there are twenty different colors to choose from for the debossing, I love the timeline appeal of the neutral tones. Some of my favorites are black, gold, silver, and white. The blind (no color, only imprinting) looks phenomenal on leather. My signature logo is included in gold foil on the rear endsheet of every album.


Colors: White, Black, Dark Natural, Light Natural, and Gray

Step 4: Ordering The Album

After all the elements are approved, you will receive an invoice for the actual cost of the album. Once ordered, it usually takes about two weeks to print, bind, and ship the album to you. Handling times may be longer during holiday seasons. All orders include free shipping within the United States. For detailed pricing or questions about how we can collaborate on your custom album, send me an email:

For every custom album purchased, Magnolia + Ember will plant ten trees.

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