poetry and photography


I have found pieces of me
buried in adventure
inner-light, truth, and
ultimately, self-love
all because sacred lands
hold space for us to exist
as our most authentic selves

religion of nature

As author and photographer, Julie Crawford takes you on her adventurous journey through the path of self-discovery. Fueled by lyrical verses, Mother Nature’s churches, and undeniably fated interactions with kindred spirits, she wanders throughout her inner wilderness mapping out roads that connect mind, body, and soul.

In Tuesdays, Heartbreaks, and Soulmates, she shares fragments of time that have weaved themselves into the celestial fibers of her existence. As the pages turn and seasons change, she reflects on moments where she felt the essence of honest connection and was reminded that the love she seeks has lived within herself all along—

the kind of love that brings *you* home.