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Wednesday, January 3rd, 2024

“She doesn’t just travel for the beautiful places, she travels as a form of meditation. A way to reconnect with her heart and soul. It’s as much an internal process as it is an external one.” – Ruth Krug

Iceland and a stirring in my soul

Nine years ago, on a winter morning long before adventure elopements became as popular as they are today, I was sitting at my desk editing traditional-style wedding photos and scrolling through blogs. I stumbled across a highlight video of an Iceland elopement, and it was the first time I had seen a just us wedding amidst the wild. I fell in love with the elements of the visual story. The music, the delicate way the videographers captured the couple’s connection, their playfulness, the details that live within the landscape, the black church, and the emotional depth all came together in way that unlocked my mind to what was waiting for me. Every ounce of intuition told me that my wedding photography business would evolve into helping couples plan adventure elopements.

Iceland was naturally added to my bucketlist of places to travel, but deep inside something felt bigger than it simply being a country filled with beautiful spaces. For years, I held onto the reality that one day I would visit the Land of Fire and Ice. The trip would arrive when the time was right for me to receive what the experience had to offer for my Soul.

Mother Nature and Human Connection

Following the radical moment of awareness, I set my intentions on becoming an adventure elopement photographer. First step, embody what it means to be heart-centered, authentic, and adventurous. I had to actually go out and live the envisioned life. I had to create the path and keep going. I began traveling alone and following my own truth starting with an extended road trip across the country in the spring of 2016. I set out on a spiritual quest to discover even more depth of my being. I answered the calling that urged from within and knew that trip was necessary in order to grow. In the 25 days spent alone, my life was forever changed. I learned more about myself than staying in my comfort zone ever could have taught.

Shortly after my return home, I began focusing my business on creating awe-inspiring elopements. Connections with kindred spirits who have a deep sense of appreciation for sacred partnership and the great outdoors began forming. Doors were opening to work with couples who threw the middle finger to society’s standards and turned their wedding into a fulfilling experience amidst inspiring landscapes while doing things that represent who they really are.

Journey to Becoming My Favorite Version of Self

Fast forward to the fall of 2022, leaning against Búðakirkja where the eloping couple was married, standing amidst the same space that inspired the beginning of my journey…

I felt every emotion come full circle.

Buðir Black Church | Iceland Adventure Elopement Photographer
The Black Church of Búðir in the Snæfellsnes Peninsula
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