Savage Gulf State Park | Mountains and Waterfall Engagement

Friday, October 13th, 2023

Hidden Gem in Tennessee

Savage Gulf is Tennessee’s newest state park located in Grundy and Sequatchie counties with nearly 19,000 acres and 60 miles of hiking trails. On the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau, the natural area is beautifully jaw-dropping and has short hikes to get both mountain views and waterfalls. We began the four-hour adventurous experience with Bethany and James by hiking down into a gorge with a swimming hole, though the water is a bit cold in October (hello cold plunges).

📍 Greeter Falls Loop

Greeter Falls is a dog-friendly, 1.1 mile loop with rocky overhangs and a waterfall. The trail is rated moderately difficult due to the number of steps and elevation gain in its short distance, but every bit worth the effort. The waterfall ranges from trickling to a steady flow depending on the amount of rain.

Back at our vehicles, we took a short break to dry off and change outfits before headed out on the second hike of their adventure engagement session. Along the 1.9 mile in and out trail, we stopped to soak in the first sight of the vast mountain ranges at the Laurel Gulf Overlook.

📍 Laurel Gulf Overlook

approximately 0.3 miles from the Stone Door trailhead

The overlook platform has a colorblind viewfinder designed to alleviate red-green colorblindness. This special lens enables people with colorblindness to see a broader range of clear, vibrant colors. Now more people can witness Tennessee’s fall landscapes filled with vivid greens, fiery reds, warming oranges, and bright yellows.

📍 Stone Door Trail

Located in one of Tennessee’s most scenic wilderness areas, Stone Door Trail is packed with a forest of trees, breathtaking vistas, sandstone cliffs, and rugged canyons. The first quarter mile is paved and turns into a natural dirt surface. After walking one mile, you arrive at The Great Stone Door, a 10 ft. wide by 100 ft. deep crack that feels like a gateway into another world.

📍 Big Creek Gulf Overlook

Where Stone Door Trail splits into Big Creek Gulf Trail and Big Creek Rim Trail, you find impressive vistas and sandstone cliffs. The way the sun highlights the mountain layers before it sets below the peaks is truly a sight to see.

Savage Gulf State Park

Greeter Falls Loop
Stone Door Trail

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