Hawksbill Mountain | hiking engagement session on my favorite trail

Hands down this is my favorite hiking trail in all the Southeast. Though it is breathtakingly beautiful with incredible mountain views, I’m a teeny bit bias because it is the location of a moment my brother captured that later became the cover of my book Tuesdays, Heartbreaks, and Soulmates.

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Surprise Proposal | wilderness camping for a sunrise engagement

Get a photographer team who will camp all night with high winds and sleet in 30 degree temperature just to be the first ones on the mountain for your surprise proposal as dawn paints the sky. We planned the experience with one main goal (besides her saying yes)… keeping the moment an actual surprise!

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Savage Gulf State Park | adventure engagement session

Savage Gulf State Natural Area, on the western edge of the Cumberland Plateau in Tennessee, is beautifully jaw-dropping and has short trails to get both mountain views and waterfalls. We began the adventure by hiking down into the gorge at Greeter Falls and ended the experience on the cliffs of the Stone Door Trail.

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The Trillium Venue | destination wedding in the smoky mountains

Lindsay was attracted to my style because of the emotional depth the photos provoke within yourself. They make you feel something real. Connection. The intentional carried well into the vision for her destination wedding. The day never had a “theme” but rather she said it encased a whole vibe: dark, moody, and sexy.

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